Sabbat Crafts – Summer Memories Jar

For the past three summers I have collected small items to reflect where I go and what I get up to during the summer. I start this process during my Beltaine ritual with cleansing and blessing a little storage jar and placing three wishes for the coming months inside it. Then at the end of summer during my Mabon ritual I will add all the items I have collected to a “gratitude spell jar” make an offering to the Goddess to thank her for a wonderful summer filled with perfect memories (hopefully) then seal the jar and place it on my altar for safe keeping.



these are my jars from 2015-2017 (updated photo Sept 2017). 

This year I have also made a list in my with journal of each item and when it was found along with any other details I might have.

An important thing to remember is to either leave the lid off of your storage jar or make sure each item is totally dry before placing it in storage, as I noticed that my jar had suffered a little damp problem earlier this week. Once I had removed the still juicey poppy head and tidied up the mould I am happy to say nothing had been damaged. My lid is now staying off the jar until the end of summer so that everything can fully dry out before I create my spell jar.

Hecatine x



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