Not a very good witches cat!

This boy thinks he would make a good witches cat! I beg to differ!!!

1 . He’s clumsy AF!

-he knocks things over and has broken countless pretty things with his clumping great leaps to catch flies and other items he assures me are for my nasty collections but then proceeds to eat them!

2. He has no respect for magickal items

– feathers, seed pods, drying herbs are all toys in his eyes, just this morning I found all my beautiful parrot feather cast around the house in a half chewed half played with manner.

3. He regularly burns his tail

  • the smell of singed hair is a constant in my witch room from where he has caught himself on candles and incense sticks because he’s somewhere he shouldn’t be.

4. He licks his bum on my altar!!!!!

-enough said!!!!!

5. He knocks over my crystal grids.

-see no respect whatsoever!

6. He pushes offerings to the Goddess onto the floor for my dogs to eat. 

-not sure whether this is a bad thing or not 😉

7. My Book of Spells is NOT a cat bed!!!!!


My cat is a git! But I adore him with my whole Heart!!!!
He will however sadly never make a good witches cat!

Hecataine x



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