Mabon Celebrations

My solitary Mabon celebration was simple, peaceful and just what I needed to enter the quiet half of the year. I started by smudging my whole witch room (which I had thoroughly dusted and hoovered the night before) with white sage and rosemary from my garden, then (after resetting the smoke alarm) I set out the items I would need for my rite along with a large glass of wine and some shortbread biscuits.


My first task at Mabon is always my letter of gratitude, I don’t write it to anyone in particular. This letter is something I’ve done now for a few years and although I always seal them with wax I do plan in years to come to open them and reflect on them and my life.

Then I emptied out my summer memories jar and taking each item in turn, I thought back to where I was and what I was thinking when I gathered/found each litter treasure. I had my first new pound coin which came in some change on my holiday in Glastonbury, a piece of sea glass found while walking along to beach in May, two tiny shells that I picked up at beach on the last day of the school term, fir cone and a curl of wood from my dad’s garden and workshop, the list goes on………….
each item was carefully placed into a clean glass jar along with a rose bud and a small piece of rose quartz. I then sealed the jar with wax and added a imprint seal to finish.

To make way in my life for some peace over the quiet months I removed the things that no longer serve me for the better. I did this by writing them down on bay leaves, reading them out and why I no longer require them and then I burnt the leaves over my balance candles and dropped them into my cauldron to burn through completely. I then contemplated what had happened over the year and did a candle meditation.

Once my balance candles had burnt down I thanked the Goddess, finished my wine and packed away. My summer memories bottle for this year joined my other two (from 2015 and 2016) on my altar.


I hope you enjoyed your celebrations for Mabon

Hecataine x


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