Welcome to my witchy blog, here I hope to share with you some of the magickal and not so magickal things that happen in my little life. I have been an avid crafter since I could hold a roll of sellotape and use a pair of scissors. I am able to put my hand to most handicrafts, but would never profess to be an expert at any. I enjoying using my crafting abilities alongside my witchcraft practices and hope to share some hints, tips and ideas here on this blog.

Copy of _MG_6810

Fairly new to witchcraft I have only been on the path of the Goddess since 2010. During this time I had always worked within either a coven, a circle or with my mentor, as a traditional Gardnerian Wiccan. This year (2015) for my own personal reasons, I made the huge step to walk away from my wiccan brother and sisters to follow a more eclectic solitary path rather than the traditional path of my old coven. I want to find my own power and through my new “Grey Magickal” path I believe I will.

– )O( –

Enjoy life and live each day to the full.
Find the power within you
Honour and Respect yourself

– )O( –

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 Hecataine x


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