Tying the Knot & Jumping the Broom

The hubby and I got married “way” back in 2003. It wasn’t a first marriage for either of us and we decided a quiet affair was best for us. With just my parents in attendance we married after lunch at the local registry office and headed off the York for a mid-week honeymoon. That was it done and dusted! It was always going to be more about the marriage than the wedding day so keeping every thing on the low down suited us both a treat. However looking back at the day years later I did start to feel I had cheated us out of a fun day with all our family and friends celebrating something wonderful.

So in 2010 we decided that to celebrate being together 10 years (2001-2011) we would have a handfasting. We would then as well as being legally married would be married in my new (as it was then) religious path.  Continue reading


Samhain Ritual

My Rituals all start here in my bullet journal. I create a mood board from pictures and ideas that inspire me, before then working these together into a ritual. My base ritual changes very little from year to year, but the crafted items, offerings and readings may be new things i want to try or repeats of favourite crafts (like the summer blessings bottle I create each year at Mabon).

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21 Days of #30dayswild

I’ve completed 19 days out of the first 21. I’m so pleased with all the wildness around me that would have normally gone unnoticed. I stopped yesterday on my walk home from work just to watch a butterfly flit about in the sunlight. Nothing major I know but it made me take a few minutes out of my busy day to focus on something else….. something calming and restful.

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