Bringing in the woodland and off out partying.


Its been a busy month already and I still have so much planned! I have been busy revamping all my Yule dec’s and have also this year bought a new tree (that I’m still waiting to take delivery of) It’s a twig style tree with lights along each branch and made to look like a silver birch. I’m quite excited about it arriving as I have made a whole load of new hanging decorations and haven’t had a new big tree in a very long time. Continue reading


Preparing for Yule

I Love this time of year!


For a while before I found my Witchy path I lost the love of Christmas. I think as an adult the sparkle had gone out of if for me. We (my husband and I) have no children together so Christmas had been a very adult affair since we moved away from my family. In 2006 when we relocated to the Isle of Wight we had everything in storage for 14 weeks+ this included all my decorations. Neither of us were in a very good place at the time so we cancelled Christmas……. no decs….. no presents no nuffin’ (poor grammar I know but that’s the mood we were in).

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