Understanding Hekate- Part 4: Offerings and Sacrifices:

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Where Three Roads Meet...


In antiquity the practice to give offerings and sacrifices to the Gods was a very important part of the religion(s), if not an essential part.

The offerings and sacrifices acted like a bridge between the worlds of humans and Gods (or between humans and spirits, too).

For modern minds it is often quite difficult to understand the meaning of the practice to offer foods, incense or symbolic items to the Gods. For many it is just a waste of things. And some of the modern forms of witchcraft and neopaganism- don’t use this practice at all.

To understand the metaphysical and symbolical meaning of offerings and sacrifices better- you can look into religions were those practices are still living and breathing. In Voudou, Santeria, Hinduism and many of the Asian Religions- the practice to offer something to the Gods and spirits is very important and alive.

Different meaning of…

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Cat v Yule Tree

The struggle is real and will happen very shortly in houses around the world!



Our family has increased! We once more have a pack of cocker spaniels.


For a while now the Hubs and I have been thinking that we should introduce a new dog into our family. Gracie-Lou is almost 14 and we count our blessings everyday. She has many good days and they far out weigh the bad ones…….. but we know that one day soon the hardest decision of all will have to be made. We are both dreading the thought of saying goodbye to her but I know that as much as we will miss her Bella-Donna will be totally lost without her big sister.
So “Mission New Dog” was put in place.

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Rainbow Bridge Altar

I finally got around to buying the corner shelves so that I could create a space to honour the animals who have left our family and gone to Rainbow bridge where they wait for us to join them.

I have treated the shelves the same way as my Moon and Sun corner shelves with paint, paper and finished with a brushing of gold paint.

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What is a Goddess


A woman who is in the process of learning to know, accept and love
herself on all levels, mind body and spirit.
A woman who, because she focuses on personal growth and self awareness,
experiences a life increasingly filled with peace, love, joy passion and fun.
A woman that understands that she has unlimited capacity to make
her life anything that she wants.
A woman who is inspired to give those around her because of her
sense of gratitude and abundance.
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Samhain Ritual

My Rituals all start here in my bullet journal. I create a mood board from pictures and ideas that inspire me, before then working these together into a ritual. My base ritual changes very little from year to year, but the crafted items, offerings and readings may be new things i want to try or repeats of favourite crafts (like the summer blessings bottle I create each year at Mabon).

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